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Assembly Circuit Early Educational Engineering Building Plastic Electromagnetic Maze Electronic for Kids Child Circuit Maze Brain Game Science Logic

by Shop Easy With Easy Shopping PK
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  • DIY Design: 3D science kit encourages children to engage in hands-on assembly and construction, fostering their creativity, logical thinking, and manual dexterity through a DIY approach.
  • Educational Puzzle: Engineering building serves not only as entertainment but also as an educational tool, helping children develop problem-solving skills, spatial imagination, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Electromagnetic Maze: Assembly circuit incorporates elements of an electromagnetic maze, allowing children to learn and explore electromagnetic principles while having fun playing with it.
  • Science and Physics Experiments: By playing in DIY exploration set, children can learn basic knowledge about circuits, physics, and science, improving their understanding of the scientific world.
  • Mechanical Assembly: In addition to learning about circuits and physics, construction learning involves assembling mechanical structures, nurturing children's understanding of mechanics and operational skills. (DL0102) 

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